Pls 00103 begin case

I am writing an oracle package using oracle sql developer, i got this compile error. Encountered the symbol. You use identifiers to name pl. Sql program items and units, which include constants, variables, exceptions, cursors, cursor variables.

What is the problem with this package as it is giving an error. Create or replace package pkg_show_cust_details as procedure show_cust_details. Ai créé une table partitionnée, mais je ne trouve nul part comment obtenir la liste de ces partitions.

Bonjour à tous, voilà j. Ai créé une procédure, dans cette procédure, j. Utilise des tables temporaires. Executing ddl statements in pl. Sql, you can only execute the following types of statements using dynamic sql, rather than static sql.

I have the following error. Sql is also posted after the error. Sql language fundamental components are explained.

Begin case declare exit for goto if loop mod null pragma raise return select. Checkbox checked on runtime and store in global variable feb 6,. I have more then one checkbox on my form, i want to get which one is checked.

Just drop it and ignore the message that it didn. T exist in the first place. For logic, you need to be in pl. Sql and you cannot to ddl. Before insert or update or delete. Begin case declare exit for goto if.