Paullinia yoco plant

The genus paullinia is in the family sapindaceae in the major group angiosperms. Statistics are at the end of the page. Species in paullinia. Jump to species starting with. Native, no county data. Introduced, no county data. Both, no county data.

Purine alkaloids in paullinia. Significantly towards the base of the plant. Since the stem cortex of p. Yoco is traditionally used by the natives. Lianas of paullinia yoco, which have a stout stem at least 8cm in diameter at the base, are utilized. Usually several trees must be felled before the liana falls to the ground. Starting at the root, the stem is then cut into pieces which may vary from 30.

Paullinia cupana kunth. Of infraspecific rank for the genus paullinia. We do not intend the plant list to be complete for. Both the plant and the way of eating it were introduced to the upper negro river area by the barrés.

Richard evans schultes. Amongst the indians of colombia and ecuador, the most important non. Alimentary plant in the economy. Paullinia yoco is used by most of the tribes and communities affiliated with the western tukanoan linguistic family. , as well as their neighboring cofán and ingáno tribes that represent other language families. Plant distribution of purine alkaloids in three paullinia species. Is analyzed by hplc.

Paullinia ist eine pflanzengattung aus der familie der seifenbaumgewächse. Arten sind fast alle nur in der neotropis verbreitet. Paullinia weinmannifolia. Several uses are recorded. The fruit of several species are edible, with p.