Iain mccaig darth maul

To the astonishment of everyone who thought darth maul would be a major presence in the new trilogy, obi. Wan kenobi promptly slices maul in half, along. Artists james clyne and iain mccaig wanted to callback to a new hope by creating a similar sunset scene in the force awakens. The original scene is one of.

Maul, formerly known as darth maul, was a force. Sensitive dathomirian zabrak male who lived during the final years of the galactic republic and the. Darth maul was a male dathomirian zabrak dark lord of the sith who lived during the waning years of the galactic republic. Originally a dathomiri.

This list of characters from the star wars franchise contains only those which are considered part of the official star wars canon. Dark maul, ou plus simplement maul. Darth maul en version originale. Est un personnage de fiction de l. Univers de star wars qui apparaît dans l.

Pour plus de détails, voir fiche technique et distribution. Darth maul fue el aprendiz de darth sidious, quien le entrenó hasta llegar a ser un lord sith. Es un guerrero formidable, ágil y con un.