Lullaby of takeda lyrics

Lyrics for lullaby of takeda. Takeda no komoriuta. In this lullaby a young girl comforts herself with singing about her miserable situation. One day she was forcibly sent away to work for a rich family at a village across the mountain. Every day as she works with a baby on her back she is reminded of her family, looking at the silhouette of the mountains in the direction of her homeland.

Lyrics for a lullaby of takeda by eri sugai. Mori mo iyagaru bon kara saki. Nya yuki mo chiratsuku. Takeda no komoriuta. Mori mo iyagaru, bon kara saki. Nya yuki mo chiratsuku.

S lullaby, op single c. W, mahou tsukai ni taisetsu na koto. Things precious to a mage, lyrics, song lyrics, music lyrics, lyric. Here is my project for sociology, this song is a japanese folk song that has impacted lullabies in the kyoto prefecture, enjoy.