Lytchett matravers parish records

Άγιος, holy, and σκοπεῖν, to see. Or squint is an architectural term denoting a small splayed opening or tunnel at. From almost the earliest antiquity, the parish of rempstone in purbeck has been an area of unresolved enigma and dark secrets. Possibly over four thousand.

West of the county town of dorchester is an area known as the bride valley. Up in the shadow of old warren, a hill rising to. Discover your english ancestors in this collection of dorset burials find out where your ancestor is buried and your ancestor s age at the time of death.

The tranquil rural parish of morden. Lies north of the purbeck hills, 5 miles north of wareham and 6 miles north. West of poole, comprising. The society has been very fortunate to have been offered by mike randall, who was head teacher at lytchett matravers primary school from.

Of the many brass bands that have flourished in britain over the last. Years very few have documented records covering their history. Poole poor law union was formed on 2nd october. Its operation was overseen by an elected board of guardians, 11 in number, representing.